Thursday, January 27, 2011

University of the Philippines

I often hear the claim that U.P. offers the best college education in the Philippines. For my part, I find the claim rather dubious, if not meretricious. After all, most of U.P. college students are products of six years in Catholic grade school and four years in Catholic high school. There are more than 1,200 schools, colleges, and universities established and owned and operated by the Catholic church and its affiliates in the Philippines. Thus, how can 4 years of U.P. college education overwhelm 10 years of praying via the neglect of precious learning? In the meantime, in our corrupt government, many of its congressmen and senators are products of U.P. They are just as corrupt carrying on our corrupt way of life as the Sick Children of Asia. The Philippine government has yet to take courageous measures to radically reform, strengthen, and in fact rescue the sick system of education. If I had my way, I would abolish heavenly education out of our country. I would abolish religion. I would, instead, replace it with more science, with earthly education - how to be prepared for this life, and to hell with preparation for the next life. There isn't any. There is only this life; especially in this country. Our country that need no more salvation for a silly divinity; but need only more civilization for humanity in the here and now. Poch Suzara Twitter# facebook# Google#

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