Friday, January 23, 2015

Sick Values as Inspired by Sick Faith

I am disappointed that not one of the correspondents asked Pope Francis these 2 questions:1) Why is it that there is such a widespread and rampant graft and corruption in the Philippines which is predominantly Catholic and where most of the leaders are Catholics? and 2) Why is it that the Catholic authorities in the Philippines hold as much as 18 billion pesos of stock investments when this could be used for alleviating poverty among poor Catholics? . . . Ben Rivera. . . The answer to both questions is because the Catholics involved are not practicing their faith. . . CV My dear Ben and CV, What about those millions of Catholics in the Philippines who are practicing their faith by perpetually being SILENT of the sins and the crimes committed by fellow-Catholics who are the leaders of the Catholic Church and the leaders of our Catholic government? . . . Indeed, man of faith is not only one who clings to lies and deceptions, but is also like a drunkard who clings to a lamppost for support, not illumination. . . Now I am told that as atheists, we too have "faith." That we have faith in reason and faith in mankind. NO! We atheists have no "faith." What we feel from what we perceive we don't call faith. We know that humankind has to rely on itself. Nothing or nobody is going to help solve our human problems and troubles. If we don't do it, it isn't going to be done. And, we know further than that: - we cannot guess at the answers. We must try to analyze, to comprehend, to grasp intellectually and to move reasonably by taking all the factors into consideration. We atheists are always in the habit of questioning EVERYTHING! After all, questions are always far more precious than the answers because the answers, in time, become obsolete! . . . Poch Suzara

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