Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Mockery of Law in the Philippines

There is no such thing as the Force of Law in the Philippines because the Rule of Law is mostly about the mockery of Law. . . What, however prevails in our poor and backward only Catholic country in Asia is the Rule of Lies, Deceptions, and Corruption... Under article 7 Section 1 of the Philippine Constitution, says: The president shall not be eligible for any re-election... President Gloria Arroyo run for Congress and won. President Joseph Estrada run for Mayor of Manila and won! So much for the Rule of Law. So much for the Force of Law. Only the Mockery of Law generating our sick society. But then again, why should we respect the laws of our country when our own sick lawyers who are more frightened of the Laws of God than they are brightened or enlightened with the laws of our country? Or, more to the point, why should we bother with the rule of law in our country when we have been educated to show more love, respect, and affection to the existence of the Immaculate Conception that we should with the existence of the Philippine Constitution? Poch Suzara Twitter# facebook# Google#

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