Wednesday, January 07, 2015

There is no Religion in Atheism

We are told that atheism is another religion. This is not true. A religion is based upon a system of beliefs. We atheists do not have belief system neither have we a need a system to support our nonbeliefs. In fact listen to George H. Smith who wrote a great book - THE CASE AGAINST GOD: "Atheism rises above creeds and puts humanity upon one plane. There can be no "chosen people" in the atheist philosophy. There are no bended knees in atheism; no supplication, no prayers, no sacrificial redemption; no divine revelation; no washing in blood of the lamb; no crusades, no massacres, no holy wars. No heaven, no hell, no purgatory; no silly rewards, no vindictive punishment; no Christ, and no saviors. No devil, no ghost, and no gods." And, if I may add, we atheists have no pastors,no preachers, no priests, no cardinals, no bishops, and no Popes. We have no dogma, hogma, and pigma. We have no schools, no colleges, and no universities to teach students how take advantage of the forgiveness of sin and the pardon of crime always available at any time from God via his priesthood industry. Thus, as atheists, we have no need to be sinners as a people; we have no need to be criminals as a nation. Especially for the glory of a sick God existing in a sick heaven. Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#


Ken said...

Poch, this is not the classic definition of atheism. Atheists have learned from experience that it is quite impossible to prove a universal negative. If they denied outright that God existed, they would have to give some kind of proof for such an assertion. So what do they do? They redefine atheism. Smith’s redefinition of atheism poses some problems, the first being the title of his book – THE CASE AGAINST GOD. If it were true that atheism does not make any assertions about anything, how could he have a case against God? Where did the case come from? Doesn’t making a case require many assertions? Since atheism is the absence of faith, he cannot assert any case whatsoever. He did not actually have any case against God, per se. The title of his book is a misnomer. If he has no belief system, on what basis and by what methods can he criticize anything? None whatsoever.

Poch Suzara said...

Ken, thank you for admitting that there is NO CASE AGAINST GOD because, to begin with, GOD DOES DOES NOT EXIST. I agree. Cheers! Poch