Friday, November 01, 2013

Different Bible Versions Sold in Bookstores today

Here's a partial List of BIBLE versions sold in bookstores today - the HOLY book containing the so-called Word of God as the Revealed Truth written by INSPIRED authors of God. . . research by: Poch Suzara King James Version New International Version Revised Standard Version The Living Bible New Living Translation World English Bible New King James Version New International Readers Editions American Standard Version New American Standard Version Young's Literal Translation Plain English Bible New English Bible Amplified Bible Basic English Bible Translator's NT 20th Century Bible Modern King James Version The Message New Jerusalem Bible Hebrew Names Version of World English Bible Contemporary English Version English Version for the Death Good News Version New Century Version New Revised Standard Version J. B. Phillips New Testament, modern English Jesus is Lord Bible Silver Edition and many many others. The MULTIPLICATION TABLE has never produced hate, violence, or war because there never has been conflicting interpretation of 2 plus 2 equals 4. The MULTIPLICATION TABLE is the perfect model of TRUTH which is precise, certain, and totally free from the horrors of dogma, hogma, and pigma. I said it before, I say it again: - the holy bible is the main cause why we Filipinos are still twisted spiritually, still distorted morally, still corrupted politically, still perverted economically, and still insane socially - thanks to our stupid faith in the stupid bible with its so many different kinds of stupid versions? Indeed, in the ultimate analysis, we Filipinos, as products of schools, colleges, and universities have yet to harmoniously AGREE peacefully with the simple TRUTH that no baby is born with a religion. All babies are atheists: free from the horrors of THEISM. No baby is born a Catholic, a Muslim, or a Jew, or Iglesia Ni Cristo, or Hindu, or Jesus is Lord church. All babies are born free and then indoctrinated or more referred to as the silly FREE WILL. Far more truthful is NOT the Born Again Christian, but the BORN AGAIN ATHEIST.

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