Saturday, November 23, 2013

So There is No God, So What?

If God were all powerful, all-knowing, loving, just, and all-merciful, why is there so much pain, mess, and suffering in the world? Especially in the Philippines the only Catholic country in Asia! Well, for my part, I do not know why. All I know that if such a God exists, I do not care to love, respect, admire, and worship such a selfish, greedy, cruel, stupid, and an insane God. I do not even care to fear such a silly monster! No way. Over my dead body! I also think that for people to kill God in order to save God is the highest form of insanity, if not the lowest form of stupidity. . . Well, what if it turns out that there is NO God? What will it matter? Will it change anything? Of course, considering our fear inextricably mixed with our ignorance, we can always invent a God to make us feel there is always somebody out there who love us and who will save us! The God business therefore has always been big business. Among the richest organizations in the world are the ones selling what a lot of frightened people would readily be buying - Jesus - the Son of God, the Savior of the world! In the meantime, the Bible says God cannot change ( Numbers 23:19; 1 Samuel 15:29; Psalm 102:26-27; Malachi 3:6; Romans 11:29; Hebrews 6:17-18; James 1:17), and that he is all-knowing ( Job 37:16; Psalm 147:4-5; 1 John 3:20). But the New Testament teaches that Jesus did change and that he didn't even know the day or hour of his return ( Mark 13:32; Luke 2:40,52). How can Jesus be God if he doesn't even have these essential attributes of a God? Bertrand Russell summarized it fearlessly: "Religion encourages stupidity and an insufficient sense of reality. . . "We are all born ignorant, not stupid. We are made stupid by education." Poch Suzara

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