Thursday, November 14, 2013

Filipinos as the Victims of Christianity

How come we Filipinos, in this already 21st century, are still spiritually impoverished as the Sick Man of Asia? . . . Well, For one thing, we Filipinos will never do anything worthwhile for our country. We do not love our country. Whatever it is that move our minds and hearts as Filipinos will only have to do with anything to please a silly divinity up there; or, anything to do with ourselves not as the intelligent leaders, but only as the frightened followers of Christianity down here. . . In the meantime: The hundreds of thousands of poor Filipinos victimized by the most destructive typhoon "Yolanda" - Winds of up to 235mph and gusts of 170mph left a trail of destruction - triggering major landslides, knocking out power and communications and causing catastrophic widespread damage. Hundreds of homes have been flattened and scores of streets flooded; more than 10,000 deaths - was a child's play compared to the millions upon millions of Filipinos who are still victimized by the wealth, power, and glory of Christianity in this only Christian country in Asia since the 16th century. Poch Suzara

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Anonymous said...

I am disappointed how faith works in time of calamities in a place where Christianity started 400 years ago. I have seen calamities like the worst tsunami in Japan but I have never seen Japanese panic and create confusions instead of thinking how and what they can do to in this sad situation. Even our brand of media reporting is disgusting.