Friday, November 08, 2013

God as a Super-Atheist

God is not only An Atheist, but a Super-Atheist . . . In the realm of the natural, humans differ in their views about how the universe came into existence. . . While some claim that a supernatural being created the universe, others claim that the universe came into existence without having been created by some supernatural influence. . . Traditionally, we call the first group "theists" and the second group "atheists". . . Let's assume for the sake of argument that God does indeed exist, and that he created the natural universe that we live in. . . Let's also further assume that religions that claim to be revealed by God are in fact revealed by God. . . Let's go even more and assume that what God revealed is what God believes is true (ie. God is not lying to us). . . So what is revealed to us through religions is that God of religions created this universe, and that he was not created, but rather God came into existence without having been created by some kind of "super god". . . The question becomes: Is God an atheist? Certainly God cannot prove nor disprove the claim that he was created by some "super god"... So in reality the fact that God does not believe in the existence of a "super god" in a very real sense makes him super-atheist!!! Poch Suzara

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