Friday, November 29, 2013

No Need to Save the world. Let's Just Try to Reform it.

"Don't ask so much what the world needs. Go out and do what makes you come alive, because what the world needs most is people who have come alive." So, yes, the world needs saving but it's not on your shoulders. Rather, it's in your heart. There is no sacrifice needed. We each save the world every time we act from a place of love, joy and freedom. When we act from that place, we treat the world and all its inhabitants in ways that will save it." . . . Howard Thurman . . . "The desire to understand the world and the desire to reform it are the two great engines of progress, without which human society would stand still and retrogress." . . . Bertrand Russell . . . For my part, as an atheist and a humanist, I do give hoot for my eternal salvation. I care more about being unselfish as I am more interested to try and leave this world one day a better place like under a more refined kind of human civilization. . . Indeed, old age, like any other age, is the time to struggle for human decency to enjoy not illusion, delusion, and confusion; but to enjoy only wealth, health and sanitation; and also, especially, illumination!... Poch Suzara Twitter# Facebook# Google#

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