Monday, November 04, 2013

The One and Only Famous Filipino Atheist

I entirely agree with my friend Danding Jimenez that "Filipinos are almost invisible in the world scene in terms of art and culture and intellectual, literary and artistic influence. - There are Almost no industrial products from the Philippines. - No great Philippine Olympian - No great Philippine Nobel Prize winner - No great Filipino general - No great Filipino philosopher - No world-renowned Filipino poet - Almost no great and world renowned Filipino fashion designer - No great, internationally renowned Philippine pianist, conductor, composer, operatic singer. - Almost no great, internationally renowned Philippine literary figure. - Almost no great, internationally renowned Philippine political figure. - Almost no great, internationally renowned Philippine scientist. - May I, however, point out an exception: there is one great Filipino with guts and gumption enough to declare publicly in this only Catholic country in Asia that he is an ATHEIST; and, that he has far more love, respect, and admiration for Jose Rizal than he has for the Son of God Jesus. Indeed, a great Filipino who is never afraid to admit openly that he refuses to hate humanity down here for the sake of loving a silly divinity up there! He is yours truly - POCH SUZARA Facebook# Twitter# Google#

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