Sunday, November 24, 2013

Education and Isaac Asimov

“Imagine the people who believe such things and who are not ashamed to ignore, totally, all the patient findings of thinking minds through all the centuries since the Bible was written. And it is these ignorant people, the most uneducated, the most unimaginative, the most unthinking among us, who would make themselves the guides and leaders of us all; who would force their feeble and childish beliefs on us; who would invade our schools and libraries and homes. I personally resent it bitterly." . . . Isaac Asimov Oh, my dear Isaac Asimov, if only you were a teacher of mine in La Salle grade and high school, never would I have ever proudly engineered my own expulsion. Indeed, I purposely left school. It was in the business of distorting human minds with beliefs and twisting human hearts with faith down here; especially for the glory of Jesus in heaven up there! . . . Poch Suzara

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